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Frequently Asked Questions About Iowa's Eastern Star Masonic Home

Answers to common concerns about senior living communities and retirement living at our Boone residential care facility


How do I apply to become a resident at Eastern Star Iowa Nursing Home?

Thank your for your interest in joining the Eastern Star Masonic Home family! To begin your application process, we require you complete a standard Admissions Application, a Financial Statement document, and a Medical History form. The Medical History form should be filled out by a physician within 30 to 60 days prior to entering the Home and MUST include the results from a Mantoux Test or a chest x-ray. When your forms are complete, you may submit them to us via email or postal mail. Once received by the Home, they will be reviewed and you will be contacted by our senior living Social Worker.

Part of the application process includes setting up an appointment for a campus tour, as well as a personal interview with the applicant. At the time of the interview, additional informational materials may need to be provided. Once a decision has been made to reserve a room, additional information will be gathered and supplemental forms will need to be completed. If you have any questions about the application process, for any of our levels of care or retirement living services, please contact Eastern Star’s Social Worker at 515-432-5274.

Remember, while admissions preference is given to active members of the Order of the Eastern Star, we do accept all interested seniors to apply who wish to live in our Home, based on availability.

What is a Residential Care Facility (RCF)?
RCF represents the first licensed level of care available for senior retirement living. At the Eastern Star Masonic Home, the spectrum of care provided ranges from individuals needing minimal assistance with daily cares to persons requiring advanced assistance with activities of daily living and may be experiencing early memory loss and difficulties with mobility. Eastern Star provides two levels of care in the Residential Care Facility—Level I and Level II. The level of care needed by an individual or couple is determined by set criteria and is established prior to admission.


Can I afford to live at the Eastern Star Senior Living Community?

Yes. You will find we are very affordable compared to other senior living facilities in the area—especially for our unique RCF services. In fact, Residential Care living at Eastern Star is a highly affordable alternative to traditional Assisted Living. If you compare our rates to other local senior living facilities, you will find that you can save hundreds to even thousands of dollars per month in RCF Level I and Level II. For more information on monthly rates and discuss other financial questions, please contact Eastern Star’s dedicated Social Worker to schedule an appointment.

What if I run out of money?

If an individual runs out of money while living in the Residential Care Facility, there are two assistance programs to help pay for monthly care. One program is the Medicaid Title 19 program. An individual must meet monthly income and asset guidelines set by the state to qualify. The other program is the SCL Elderly Waiver program. This program is for individuals who do not meet the monthly income limits to qualify for Medicaid Title 19, but do not have sufficient funds to pay for the monthly room rate. No one is ever asked to leave Eastern Star Senior Living Community because of money. Should finances become an issue, we have a dedicated Social Worker on hand who is here to help—including with information on the government assistance programs and how to apply.

As my health needs change, will I have to leave the Eastern Star Iowa nursing home?

No! The Eastern Star Masonic Home is a full service Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) proud to offer seven different levels of care, based on an individual’s specific needs. This means that once you are a resident here—at any level—we are able to provide a complete continuum of lifetime care. Should your health needs change, you would transition to the appropriate care level in the Home. This includes: Independent Living Duplexes, Assisted Living, RCF I, RCF II, Nursing, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care in a dedicated CCDI facility.

How will my room be furnished?

When moving in, your room will be freshly painted, with carpeting and drapery. To help truly make you feel at “home” we encourage all residents to bring along furniture and personal belongings from their previous home. A single, private room can accommodate a single bed, dresser, chest of drawers, desk, lamps, nightstand, TV, computer, and easy chairs. Rooms are wired for Wi-Fi for added convenience to the resident, their family and friends.

What amenities will I find in the Eastern Star Residential Care Facility?

Throughout the RCF you will find seven lounges, a card and game room with computers for resident and family use, a chapel, an exercise room, laundry room, beauty shop, gazebo area, courtyard with pond, and community guest room.

What’s the difference between RCF I and RCF II levels of care?

Before admission to the Eastern Star’s Residential Care Facility, each new resident is assessed to determine which level of care they will be classified as upon entering the facility. Residents who qualify for the RCF I level of care are independent and oriented; they self-ambulate without personal assistance (may use a cane, walker or crutches), are continent of bowel and bladder, and require minimal or no assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). Residents assessed as RCF II are in need of additional care with ADLs, show signs of memory loss, have limited mobility, and are in need of increased nursing services and supervision. In addition, we use a list of six set criteria to help us in determining if a resident needs the RCF II level of care.

What services are provided in the Eastern Star senior living facilities?

All residents in the Residential Care Facility receive three meals per day with coffee and snacks available throughout the day. There are nurses and nurse aides on duty 24/7, seven days per week. Routine laundry and housekeeping services and provided. Daily devotions are held in the chapel every morning. There is a card and game room with computers for resident and family use, an exercise room, and a laundry center. A daily activity program provides a variety of things to do with an emphasis of live entertainment. A courtyard and gazebo area provide for outside activities in a safe, secure environment.