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Our Tree of Life
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At the heart of our facility you’ll find a beautiful sculpture that continues to grow and evolve. This “Tree of Life” is a symbol of cooperative giving to ensure excellence in all aspects of the independent retirement living offered at the Eastern Star Masonic Home—from the health care and support to the residences and facilities. The Tree represents the continuous generosity of our supporters and the strides we still need to make to achieve our mission as a non-profit organization.

The individual leaves that make up our Tree of Life each represent a gift value of $1,000 or more. When an individual or a group has donated a total of $1,000, a new leaf is inscribed and placed on the Tree in recognition of the significant contribution.

At the base of Eastern Star Tree of Life are engraved stones that each represent gifts of $50,000 or more. Those individuals or groups who donate at least $50,000 to our cause receive a new stone inscribed in their honor. New leaves and stones can be added based on a one-time gift or from cumulative amounts that are given over time.

Interested in helping our Tree grow? Please contact the Executive Director’s office for more information. Call 515-432-5274 or write to:

Executive Director
Eastern Star Masonic Home
715 W. 3rd Street
Boone, IA. 50036

Eastern Star Heritage Club

Benevolence is the lifeblood of any charitable, non-profit organization. The Eastern Star Masonic Home as it stands today is the culmination of hundreds of generous gifts and donations given by individuals who believe in our mission and the work we do every day.

The Eastern Star Heritage Club is made up of caring individuals who have blessed our Home with a “planned gift”—such as remembering us in a will, a life insurance policy, or a charitable trust. There is no minimum donation amount to become a member of the Eastern Star Heritage Club, and there is no need to state the amount—simply notify us of the intention.

If you would like more information on making a planned gift to support our cause, or if you would like assistance in arranging for such a gift, please call 515-432-5274 or contact the Executive Director directly, now.